Husker Car Wash was built by Dan Hergert and Harry Meginnis in 1969. Paul Kasl started as assistant manager in April 1970 and became the manager in September of 1970 and was the manager until 1977. During his years as the manager of Husker Car Wash, Paul was active in the International Car Wash Association where he participated in ongoing educational, management and engineering seminars. Additionally, he met car wash experts from around the world. Because of his growing knowledge and expertise, Paul was invited to become a technical consultant for one of the major manufacturers of car wash equipment in Portland, Oregon. During this time, Paul traveled to all parts of the world as a sales engineer and troubleshooter. He learned about the different ways car washing is done throughout the world, but never forgot about Husker Car Wash.

Paul purchased Husker Car Wash in 1982 and started making improvements to the car wash based on what he had learned during his years traveling internationally. He has continued to bring fresh ideas and technology to car washing in Lincoln. But he always had a dream of building a brand new car wash tunnel that would give his customers the very best service and value based on his 30+ years of experience in the car wash industry. Knowing that O Street was going to undergo expansion and improvement, he chose that time to build his dream. He made the tunnel as long as possible so that he could put all the best components of an automatic car wash in the 185 foot tunnel. He created a traffic flow pattern that assures constant and easy flow of vehicles. He is also a good corporate citizen in his choice of water useage. Paul chose one of the largest reclamation systems to cut down on fresh water usage from our city water supply.

Paul’s years of education and experience have been passed down to the next generation. Paul’s son, Bill, along with his assistant managers, Dave Scaggs and Mike King continue to give our customers the very best car wash experience. Bill has been in the car wash business for 23 years. Dave and Mike have each worked at Husker Car Wash for 17 years.