Hello and welcome to the new Husker Car Wash

Small Husker Carwash PitureHusker Car Wash has been “Making Lincoln Shine Since 1969.” Our promise to our customers remains the same today as it was then. We vow to provide each of our customers with fast, friendly and courteous service as well as a quality wash every time.

Now, our all new facility provides you with “state of the art” soft cloth washing technology with the longest “conveyorized” car wash in the Midwest. The longer the car wash, the more time the cleaning solutions have to work on the dirt on your vehicle. This is called “dwell time”. As your vehicle moves along the conveyor it is gently cleaned by our soft cloth equipment specialized for each area of the vehicle from top to bottom. Your vehicle can be waxed, wheels and tires scrubbed, or the harmful winter salt or road grime removed with our underbody flush. It takes no extra time because each service is performed as your vehicle moves through the building.

Is your time valuable? Is the outside temperature uncomfortable? Got bugs? Husker Car Wash can wash your vehicle in less than 5 minutes and have you on your way. Any time of the year, Husker Car Wash and our friendly staff will take care of getting your car clean inside and out. During bug season, your vehicle will be pre-treated with a bug removal solution to help get those pesky bugs off the front of your vehicle.